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Order your photo-imprinted 

Face Adversity un-mask for less than $25!

Your face. Your expressions. YOU, on the mask, so you can protect AND connect.
Family! Friends! Teammates! Co-workers! Face Adversity, together, be seen and see others.
And, help others, because partial proceeds support emotional awareness.

Lets un-mask you!

1. Take your best shot.

A clear, close-up, shadow-free image of your face,

without eyewear, shot against a plain light background.

2. Pick your favorite mask color.

Like the rainbow? Choose up to 5 colors per order.

3. Figure your cost.

Not a math wiz? – We’ll confirm your total with your order!


(Per Photo) - $15.00 ea.

    $5.00 will go to support emotional education and wellness.


 (1-50) - $8.70 ea.

 (51-100) - $7.61 ea.

 (101 plus) - $5.43 ea.

    8.75% sales tax included.



 (1 or 2 masks) Regular Mail Rate - $1.10  

     No tracking number.

 (3 to 10 masks) Small-Box Rate - $8.30

 (11 to 60 masks) Medium-Box Rate - $15.05

4. Email us your:

Photos; with photo description, plus color, quantity and size 

   (L-Adult, S-Children 5yrs+) of mask for each face. 

   No offensive photos, please.

First and last name

Shipping address

Contact phone number

Email address




5. Get ready to Face the world!

We will email you to confirm your order,

and for secure third-party credit card processing.

Orders typically arrive within 7-10 business days.

un-Mask Facts!
sublimation_mask_ RtchOutline RGB_300px.

• Photo-imprinted with your face.


• Choose up to 5 expressions per order.


• Masks are three-layered 100% polyester material that follows

   CDC recommendations for cloth facial coverings. 


• Mask adjustable ear pieces are made with polyester material.


• Masks are machine washable and quick drying.  

   Hang dry or tumble on low heat.


• Masks are non-medical grade and non-returnable.

Wait ‘til you see folks’
reactions to your un-mask!

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